Cool Pad
Cool Pad
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Cool Pad

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This cool pad from Snugglesafe is the complete answer for pets who feel the heat.

Rabbits in particular do not cope well in hot temperatures and need to be kept as cool as possible.

  • These cool pads automatically cool when your rabbit lies on it, and instantly reduces body temperature.
  • No freezing required. No electricity- no wires – NON TOXIC.
  • Self recharges when not in use & can be used time and time again.
  • Can be placed inside a thin pillow case to prevent chewing.
  • Use indoors or outdoor 

Comes in 3 sizes to suit all rabbit breeds. The larger one would also suit a bonded pair who would prefer to share a mat.

Whilst the gel in these pads are non toxic,  we recommend placing a thin pillow case over the top of it to prevent chewing. We also sell the cooling plate, which is a ceramic tile that can also be refrigerated. This is better suited to bunnies that chew.

    Approximate Dimensions:

    Small        30cm x 25cm 

    Medium   40cm x 30cm

    Large        50cm x 40cm

    NOTE: Whilst the fluid inside is non toxic, please still monitor the mat for any signs of chewing & remove immediately if there is. It is advised to put the pad inside a thin pillow case to prevent this happening.

    Safety note: It is the responsibility of the pet owner to assess the suitability of any treat, toy, or other product. Please read instructions, and directions of use carefully. Always supervise your rabbit whilst playing or eating. Remove the toy if it is damaged, or worn, or if parts become separated, to avoid injury.