Smart Orange Puzzle Toy

Smart Orange Puzzle Toy

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This Nina Ottosson puzzle challenges your rabbit to uncover treats while helping them to develop new learning techniques.

Dog Smart is an entry level game that challenges your rabbit to discover treats through problem solving and exciting hidden rewards!

MIXING IT UP: The bones in this puzzle can be arranged to be flush with the board or elevated for different levels of challenges.

When the bones (puzzle pieces) on the toy are flush with the board, your rabbit will learn to paw and nuzzle at the pieces differently than when the bones are elevated and more easily removeable.

LEVEL 1 CHALLENGE: Great for introducing your rabbit to treat training games, this Level 1 game gets rabbit dog interested in games and prepares your bunny for more exciting and challenging puzzles to come.

HOW TO PLAY: Place treats or kibble in compartments of base. Cover treat compartments with bones. The more compartments that are covered, the harder the game will be. Let the games begin! Show your rabbit where the treats are and watch them find the tasty reward! Leave some compartments uncovered for your rabbit to gain interest.

It will keep your rabbit busy, prevent boredom and destructive behaviour. 

Suitable for Rabbits, Cats and Dogs. 

Easy to clean.

NB: This product was designed for dogs, but has a low difficulty level, and rabbits are able to crack this interactive toy.

Material: Plastic

Safety note: It is the responsibility of the pet owner to assess the suitability of any treat, toy, or other product. Please read instructions, and directions of use carefully. Always supervise your rabbit whilst playing or eating. Remove the toy if it is damaged, or worn, or if parts become separated, to avoid injury.