Grooming Products For Rabbits

Get all your grooming products for rabbits 

Making sure you set aside time to groom your rabbit on a regular basis will not only keep them in top shape, but gives you both a time to bond and connect. Whether they love to be brushed, hate having their nails clipped or need a gentle wipe and cleanse every now and again, you can find all the grooming products you’ll ever need for your rabbit with us.

At Wild About Bunnies we have a selection of grooming products for your rabbit. If you’re looking to keep their coat shiny and healthy, the Mini Gentle Slicker is a great investment. For those who want to keep their nails in check, the Rabbit Nail Clippers is a must-have. Easy to grip, these clippers make the dreaded process of nail clipping much easier. 

As well as grooming products, you can find other essentials for your rabbit such as:

We also have plenty of toys to cure their boredom as well as a range of tasty food options.

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