Rabbit Enrichment

Learn All About Rabbit Enrichment! 

Rabbit enrichment is all about creating an environment that encourages your bunny to engage in natural behaviours, explore new things, and stay mentally and physically stimulated. Let's face it, bunnies are curious creatures that love to play, chew and dig, so providing them with fun and stimulating activities is essential to their well-being! 

If you’re looking for some ideas, here’s a few to consider: 

DIY Rabbit Toys 

Rabbits love to play, and there's nothing better than a toy that they can chew on, toss around and shred. Instead of buying expensive toys from the pet store, you can make your own at home with just a few simple materials. Some of our favourites include: 

  • Toilet paper rolls: Collect empty toilet paper rolls, and stuff them with hay, herbs, or treats for a fun and easy toy. 
  • Cardboard boxes: Rabbits love to chew on cardboard, so give them a box to destroy. You can also cut holes in the box and fill it with hay or treats for added enrichment. 
  • Paper bags: Rabbits love to dig and hide, so provide them with a paper bag to play in. You can also stuff the bag with hay or treats for added fun. 

Digging Box 

Rabbits are natural diggers, so why not give them a special digging box? All you need to do is fill a large cardboard box or plastic tub with shredded paper or soil, top soil, and watch as your bunny happily digs away. Don’t forget to bury some treats or toys for added enrichment. 

Bunny Maze 

Create a bunny maze using cardboard boxes, tunnels, and other obstacles. This is a great way to encourage your bunny to explore, exercise and use their problem-solving skills. You can also hide treats or toys throughout the maze for added fun. 

Hay Feeder 

Rabbits need access to hay 24/7, but simply putting it in a bowl can be boring. Try creating a hay feeder that encourages your bunny to forage for their food. You can make a simple hay ball by stuffing a wire ball with hay, or create a hay box by filling a cardboard box with hay and cutting holes for your bunny to access it. Is it worth adding here they can buy various hay racks from Wild About Bunnies, or does it not work that way?!

These are just a few ideas to get you started, but the possibilities are endless when it comes to rabbit enrichment. Remember, the key is to provide your bunny with opportunities to engage in natural behaviours and have fun. So, get creative, have fun and watch as your bunny binkies with joy!  

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