Rabbit Food

Try our tasty and nutritious rabbit food at Wild About Bunnies

Just like us, rabbits deserve to have delicious and healthy food that keeps them in good shape and keeps them happy. Whether you’re a new rabbit owner who wants to learn what food they like best or you know exactly what your rabbit enjoys, you can find it all in one place at Wild About Bunnies.

For those who are looking for boxed hay and hay pellets, we offer you choices such as Banana Hay Pellets, Timothy Hay Pellets and Raspberry Leaf Hay Pellets. We also have some tasty forage treats which are a great way to keep them busy such as Dandelion Root, Apple Wood Gnaw Sticks and Calming Forage Blend for those rabbits who struggle with nerves or anxiety.

Also like us, our rabbits deserve to have a balanced diet, and part of that is tasty treats now and again! We have treats such as Apple Slices, Banana Coins, Gnawty and Nice Fruit 'N' Veg Gnaw Treats and Flower 'n' Forage Blossom which they are certain to enjoy.

Whatever you’re looking for when it comes to rabbit food, you can find it all in one place when you shop with Wild About Bunnies!