Rabbit Healthcare

Taking care of your rabbits’ health is an important part of being their owner

Nothing is quite as rewarding as being the proud owner of a bunny, and with their binkies and snuggles to get you through the day, they quickly become part of your home and family. Just like us, however, it’s important to prioritise their health and wellbeing, and this is something we take seriously at Wild About Bunnies.

Amongst all our products, our healthcare section features medical items, calming products and supplements

We want your bunny to live a long and happy life, which is why you can find a range of products designed to help with their health and wellbeing. If you’re looking to improve their diet and health, then our supplements are a great way to tackle certain problems such as digestive support, urinary support and healthy skin and coat.

For those bunnies that struggle with anxiety and stress, then our calming products are a great way to settle their nerves. The Pet Remedy De Stress & Calming Spray (Mini/Large) is a popular option as it works alongside their brain’s natural messengers called neuro-transmitters. This works by telling the nerve receiving the message either to calm or react. 

Whatever you need when it comes to your bunny, you can be certain to find it all at Wild About Bunnies!