Tasty Rabbit Food

We bet your bunny will love our tasty rabbit food!

Just like us, rabbits deserve to have healthy, filling meals each day to ensure they live a happy and fulfilling life. Packed full of nutrients and tasty ingredients, you can choose from a range of rabbit food when you shop with Wild About Bunnies.

Essential to every rabbit’s diet is hay, and we can provide a range of Boxed Farm Hay and Hay Pellets such as:

If you want to keep them busy and entertained, our collection of forage is a great choice. Connecting them back to their roots, they can sometimes spend hours foraging and digging away with choices such as:

Dandelion Root

Apple Wood Gnaw Sticks

Calming Forage Blend

As well as food, you can find other essentials such as:

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Whatever you need for your rabbit, Wild About Bunnies has it in store!