Meet The Team

Chief Product Testers

Ronnie and Reggie make all of the decisions when it comes to the products Wild About Bunnies sell.


Reggie the bunny

Reggie is the mischievous one. If ever your shoes go missing, you know who's got them! He also does the best binkies, and we challenge anyone to beat his speed, twists, and the height he reaches!  When Reggie was first adopted, he was timid and shy compared to Ronnie. Now he is the one at the front of the queue to sit on your lap. Reggie's favourite treats are Meadow Loops, his favourite forage is Plantain (Ribwort), and his favourite toy is Woven Jumbo Play Tunnel.  


Ronnie the bunny

Ronnie is the boss, and he makes sure everyone knows it. As head of the house he regularly demands to be groomed and cuddled....and who could refuse his little face? He has a super friendly nature, and REALLY loves his food! His favourite treats are Woodland Loops, his favourite forage is Dandelion Roots , and his favourite toy is Rabbit Digging Box.