Palm Leaf Chain

Palm Leaf Chain

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Wild About Bunnies' Palm Leaf Chain is a perfect rabbit toy to throw around, nibble on, or tie to our seagrass play mat.

These palm leaf chains are 100% natural, and completely free from pesticides. It provides essential enrichment to rabbit's lives, helping to prevent boredom and provide them with something natural and delicious to gnaw and chew.

Perfect for entertaining any furry little friend, our chains are ideal to encourage your small pet to be more active through play promoting physical and mental stimulation.  

  • Provides essential enrichment, mimicking something they may find in their natural habitat
  • Natural chews provide daily dental care assisting the natural wearing of your small pet’s teeth
  • Provides emotional and physical stimulation
  • Encourages active play keeping your small pet fit and active
  • Provides hours of entertainment and interaction, preventing boredom.

Size: 25cm - 30cm (approx)

Safety note: It is the responsibility of the pet owner to assess the suitability of any treat, toy, or other product. Please read instructions, and directions of use carefully. Always supervise your rabbit whilst playing or eating. Remove the toy if it is damaged, or worn, or if parts become separated, to avoid injury.