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Snugglesafe Heat Pad

Snugglesafe Heat Pad

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This Microwaveable Heat Pad by Snugglesafe is great way to keep your rabbit or small pet warm without the need of electricity.

Made from a durable bite resistant plastic, the Microwaveable Heat Pad contains Thermapol, a non-toxic heat retaining solution, ensuring up to 12 hours of warmth.

Ideal for:

  • Outdoor Rabbits, especially during the winter months
  • Newborns
  • Convalescing pets
  • Elderly pets

Comes with brown paws cover

Material: Polyethylene

Approximate Dimensions 21cm x 21cm x 3cm.

Safety note: It is the responsibility of the pet owner to assess the suitability of any treat, toy, or other product. Please read instructions, and directions of use carefully. Always supervise your rabbit whilst playing or eating. Remove the toy if it is damaged, or worn, or if parts become separated, to avoid injury.